An Indecently Good Gin!

“ Indecent” Elderflower gin just seems to encapsulate the Tasmanian springtime. 


The river banks and roadsides in Tasmania abound with wild Elderflower bushes. Some grow in the remnants of old farmhouse gardens, and some have taken wild to the riverbanks or damp gullies.

You don’t seem to notice them, until the spring when the beautiful umbels of creamy white flowers appear. You will often see people foraging the bushes to make home Elderflower wine.

Sitting beneath these bushes, beside a stream on a warm day is a beautiful experience and inspired the aroma for our Indecent gin.

“Indecent” is available in 25% alcohol, or a more bracing 42% alcohol.   Both are fantastic drinks with maybe an ice-cube. Enjoy, but take it carefully, or you might just become indecent.